Our Prices

Prepay pricing: maximum flexibility with no commitment

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent:

  • No set up fee
  • No maintenace or monthly fees
  • Delivery report
  • WhatsApp registered numbers report: send only to those who have it
  • You can pay by Credit Card, Paypal or Bank tranfer

Sending WhatsApp messages is free. We only charge for the use of the platform

To start sending messages, you must buy a credit pack. Then you can send messages to anyone registered with WhatsApp anywhere in the world.

Here you have all our prices. The bigger the pack, the bigger the discount.

Text messages
to contacts
price (Euro) price per text
Credit packs
1,00050.00 €0.0500 €cpack2k
5,000216.00 €0.0432 €cpack10k
10,000374.00 €0.0374 €cpack20k
50,0001,618.00 €0.0324 €cpack100k
100,0002,799.00 €0.0280 €cpack200k
500,00012,106.00 €0.0242 €cpack1M
1,000,00020,943.00 €0.0209 €cpack2M
5,000,00090,578.00 €0.0181 €cpack10M
10,000,000156,700.00 €0.0157 €cpack20M
50,000,000677,728.00 €0.0136 €cpack100M

We have special prices for resellers. Ask for more info at Sales

You can buy more credit online at any time, or you can send us an email. When you're running low we'll email you an automated credit reminder, so you never run out of credits. If you need bigger packs than we've listed here, get in touch with us at Sales.

How many credits does a sending cost? (crédits per number)
1 Registered user check 1 credit
1 Text only message 2 Credits
1 Media message (image, video, audio) up to 100KB 2 Credits
1 Media message (image, video, audio) 100KB to 500KB 3 Credits
1 Media message (image, video, audio) 500KB to 4MB 4 Credits
1 Media message (image, video, audio) 4MB to 8MB 5 Credits
1 Media message (image, video, audio) > 8MB Please ask
1 Combined message (image/video+text) up to 100KB 2 Credits
1 Combined message (image/video+text) 100KB to 500KB 3 Credits
1 Combined message (image/video+text) 500KB to 4MB 4 Credits

The small print...

  • All prices exclude taxes. For Spain and Europe please contact with Sales
  • All credits are valid for a period of 12 months from purchase