Use cases

There is more than one way to get benefit from this new way of
chatting with customers.

Few months ago we considered what would be the future of messaging: The old channels make little emphasis on differentiation; new communication channels offer selectivity to the end user; and customers are increasingly demanding, but are also more profitable.

When a user perceives that it is taken into account, it becomes loyal.

Today targeted advertising to the end customer is the vanguard. That's why we have become a channel for personalized attention.

Use case: Ride your sales.
Receive orders without complex forms or procedures, at any time. Receive questions and complains from customers. Manage personalized promotions, with prizes and so on. Do you want to make a contest? This is the best way to receive contributions from happy customers.

Use case: Medical requests.
Patients can ask where to make exams, request appointments with assigned doctors, ask for advice about medicines and treatments, send medical information to final users. Let your patient know that the results of an exam are ready to pick them up, an order for special medicines is ready, graduated glasses, and so on.

Use case: Online education support.
Students make questions about exam dates and procedures, teachers announce new activities, students ask for tutorial hours.

Use case: Rich media channel for technical team.
Receive photos from your field team to add to customer cases, technical people can receive detailed information (like images or videos) about a new subject or procedure they have doubts with. Expert advice can be requested to a central wisdom place.

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