Features and Requirements

Multiuser web chat is a service provide as Saas, easy and practical.

Feature / Requirement Description
Multiuser All connected users can send an receive messages at once.
Pure web frontend You just need a modern browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 or upper.
HTML5 and Javascript support required.
Multimedia Send and receive text, image, audio, video, location.
Some file format restrictions apply. Check our FAQ section
Bidirectional Contacts can send and receive information from you, any time.
Interact fast This is not email!. You send and receive everything in seconds.
Personalized channel Whatsapp profile image, status info and nickname are fully configurable.
Use local mobile number You can use a local mobile number from your country.
Restrictions apply if whatsapp does not opperate in your country.
Transparent for contacts They will know you are not in a smartphone anymore, only if you tell them.
All chats stored, recoverable Don't worry about vacations or missing users. Another user can pick any open chat and continue, check the past history, etc.
Chats are handled as closeable tickets Dislike whatsapp, here you can close a chat and assign a result code, for your business statistics. After that any new interaction with the same contact will open a new chat, until you close it, and so on.
Result codes fully configurable Set it as your business need. Typical chat results are: closed satisfactory, not solved, customer does not respond, customer will contact again, etc.
Manage contacts Search, view and update information of contacts. Added fields like name, last name, identification, email, etc.
No installation required You just need a web browser and Internet connection.
Secure comunication All communications are based in HTTP/SSL and WS/SSL secure protocols.
No time limit This service is provide as 24 hours x 365 days per year, worldwide.

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