Manage your chat channel like a call center

Are you still relaying on one-person-end? Get concurrent users.


Smartphone has only one possible user at a time. Here you can have several operators connected and chatting concurrently.


Never loose a chat. Every text and media message is safely stored and recoverable. Data is not buried in smartphone any more.

Third party system integration

Yes, we do have an API for easy integration for call centers and helpdesks. Just ask.

Get benefit from the latest and most effective communication channel
in 21th Century

Peole always read new whatsapp messages, and used to be interested.
This is not the case for SMS or any other cost-free channel like email.

Features and requirements

Here is the service, full of features. Requirements? Simple.

Use cases, and more

This is how you can get your own value. Check out these use cases.

Contact with us

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We will start it from there to help you
and show you a demo, live.

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